Thursday, October 28, 2010

NAPS Investigator Chris Jackson Discovers "Goldmine" @ Archives

In Relation To Our On-Going Investigation into the King's Tavern Case:
Much detail to follow in next few days, but Chris Jackson (one of our Investigators) hit the archives at Judge Armstrong Library and discovered a goldmine of evidence that will need to be digested, cataloged, organized, and followed up on, including:

-Newspaper article with photo of woman actually holding the dagger that was found with the bodies in the fireplace; article is from June 12, 1966, The Natchez Democrat.

-Paranormal photo of an alledged ghost taken by the late Danny Richardson; a well respected professional photographer who worked for The Natchez Democrat.  Photo of the "ghost" is on location of the restaurant.        

-Many other newspaper articles, papers and photos

Action Plan:
We are getting copies of all of this evidence to place in our growing case file.  Three or four of our investigators are currently all over this evidence (Chris, Summer, Mike and Kim D) and are tracking down several avenues, including:

A) Locating the actual knife (Mike as LE Officer wants to look for blood and possible DNA evidence - a long shot, but worth a try).  Also to examine if knife fits with alleged time period.

B) Locate all newspaper articles and evidence from time period of the original finding of the remains and knife.

C) Record all names associated with the articles and track them down, if still alive, and get recorded interviews.

D) Track down members of Postlethwaite/Bledsoe family for interviews.

E)  Interviewing Danny's widow (whom Chris knows well) to see if Danny had other photos, and/or notes that would be relevant to this case or to our field of study.

We are still trying hard to locate what happened to the remains (if there ever were any) and where they may be.  Don Estes reports that he has been unable to find any record at the Natchez City Cemetery that they were brought there.  Still a dead-end (sorry) on the remains.  STAY TUNED - things are heating up.  We are also considering placing an ad in The Natchez Democrat asking for people who have factual information or have had paranormal experiences at King's Tavern to contact us.  Team members contact me with opinions, please.

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