Thursday, October 28, 2010


Upcoming Team Meeting:
We meet next Thursday at 7:30pm at Civil Defense Offices.  The plan now is, to have a two part meeting - an hour to discuss some things, including the KT Case, then break out and do a mini investigation.  So, unless you hear otherwise, bring at least your minimum field gear to the meeting.

I (Mike) have recently linked up with Shelly Beard and Angela Burke of Mississippi Society of Paranormal Investigators (MSSPI) and exchanged a couple of emails.  MSSPI, as some of you know from exploring their website, is based in the Batesville, Potts Camp area in north Mississippi.  They have an experienced team of professional investigators, and a very comprehensive website that is full of information on a wide variety of paranormal subjects (a nice message board too!).  For those of you who haven't already been exploring their site and learning from these paranormal colleagues, their site is  We look forward to getting together with this team and swapping stories, ideas & theories, methods - just learning and having fun!  

Visits to the Blog site:
With this Blog site only being up for 18 days now, it has been encouraging to see the response and the amount of visitors dropping by to pay us a visit.  WELCOME!  This site, geared toward insiders and the Team itself, so far has been a complimentary website to our main site since the purpose of it is to focus outward, and to give potential clients much needed info and help.  As you can see by the little red dots on the turning globe to the right, we've had "hits" from all over the U.S., and other countries as well, including Russia, Argentina, Ireland and the Philippines.

T.A.P.S. Family?
Some are asking if we qualify for the "T.A.P.S. Family" of Paranormal Investigation Teams.  We're certainly open to it.  The only qualification of TAPS that I'm not sure about, is that they require a two year history of investigating.  If they mean us as an organization, then no, we would not qualify - because we just banded together.  If they mean do we have people with at least two years experience, then yes we would easily qualify. 


  1. Am really enjoying reading your blog so far Mike and was very surprised and grateful for the nice comment you made about our MSSPI Team Website. From what I have been able to tell so far from exploring your new site, we have alot in common especially when it comes to a love of history research. We have alot of great things on the drawing board for 2011 and some of them include Natchez so I look forward to meeting you and your team members in person and if Shelly or I can ever assist you with anything whether historical or paranormal related, feel free to contact us. Blessings and Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the very kind words Angela! I was instantly attracted to the MSSPI team when I first discovered your website and began to read and understand where you all are coming from in approaching paranormal research (and I've looked at so many team sites that I'm dizzy!). It was really good to discover that ya'll are right here in MS! It appears to me we have a common bond and a common outlook. We look forward to meeting you soon!