Saturday, October 23, 2010

Team News from Friday's Meeting 10/22/2010

Here are the latest developments and news from the N.A.P.S. TEAM, as we held our latest meeting Friday evening in the Civil Defense Office Conference Room: Team Members present (all investigators) were: Mike, Kim, David, Cheryl, Summer, and Fred (we missed you Jo Ann, Adam, and Michael R!). 

Next Meeting Date Set:
Our next meeting will be Thursday, November 4, 7:30pm at the same location.

We have three new potential members who have contacted us and wish to apply.  They are each receiving an Application, a Team Packet, a copy of the Field Rules, and the Minimum Personal Equipment List.

Latest Developments in the KING's TAVERN Investigation:
Kim and Mike met with King's Tavern owner Thom Drinkwater (Thom Miller) earlier Friday evening (we ate a great meal in the restaurant) and spoke with him about the possibility of an investigation. Thom was more than willing, and invited us to meet with him just after November 14th when he arrives back in town from a trip he will be taking. He stated that normally the Tavern guest room is not open, but he would be happy to accommodate us. He seemed surprised and pleased to see a local team in Natchez that does paranormal research.  Thom advised us that this is actually a very good time of year to do an investigation because, he said, "This is the time of year when we start having a lot of activity." He told us where the exact locations are of regular activity (he pointed out several) and said that he knows all of the best hot spots. (We have 8 IR cameras available for our DVRs, plus all of our other cameras, including Full spectrum and Deep IRs that we can saturate the place with, and put it under a huge electronic & video microscope.) We made plans with Thom to do an in-depth interview after he gets back in town.  At that time we will map out the floor plan, locate all of the exact locations of the known hot spots (or should we say cold spots?!), and listen to his own personal experiences, and those of his crew. From that interview and information we will plan the details of our field investigation, including placement plans and angles of cameras and all the rest. We are very pleased, and hope this will be the beginning of a great relationship with Thom and King's Tavern, and that this is the first of many investigations to come. Thanks Thom for your gracious hospitality and willingness to work with us!

Team members, please encourage your friends to go out to King's Tavern to eat and enjoy a great restaurant with great food and service in an amazing atmosphere (to say the least). In the meantime, let's get to work on Historical Research into King's Tavern, including Archives and History, Natchez Historic Foundation, the Courthouse, Garden Clubs, our local historian friends and contacts, and the Library. We will also interview workers at the restaurant who may have had experiences. Check out Thom's King's Tavern facebook page (please join!), click here to view. 

Cheryl's Myrtles Plantation Trip:
We are all envious of Cheryl, who will be traveling to The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville on Friday, November 5th to do an overnight investigation. She will be going with her oldest daughter, and staying in the room that is considered by many to be the most haunted one of all. We look forward to hearing Cheryl's report when she gets back! By the way, this is Cheryl's third investigative trip to the Myrtles.  She's becoming our Myrtles Plantation expert!

Newest & Upcoming Equipment/Materials Acquisitions:

Arrived recently: another MEL 8704R, this one is a "Vibe" meter. Also, 4 professional equipment cases came in for some of the electronics. T-Shirts will be here shortly. Bumper stickers were handed out. Also we discussed, that after acquiring the upcoming FLIR i7 thermal camera we are getting, to shift in the direction of safety equipment and to work towards getting an AED for our already impressive and growing medical kit. That will give us a great kit that, with 2 nurses and 1 certified professional rescuer on the team, if something happens in the field we're in good hands with good life-saving equipment!


  1. Hey! I was able to visit Waverly Plantation this past Sunday. We took the tour of the house and gardens, as well as meeting the owners. It's a lovely place, although in a state of what I call "genteel decay". I was able to take some great photographs. They have a rule that no pictures are to be taken inside the house, but we were the only tourists that day, so she relented with a wink and a smile and let me take a few (lol) - unfortunately, the photos don't show anything but a lovely old house in need of repair and a pretty garden path. Still, the story is interesting. I did ask if they ever allow paranormal investigations - she stated that they have in the past, but their insurance no longer allows teams to come and stay overnight.

  2. Excellent - good job! Thanks for pursueing it. Next time, come grab the deep infrared - or full spectrum - they can pick up something that's beyond normal range. BTW - we don't have to stay all night - just a couple of hours.

  3. Well, I would have asked about more equipment, but I had no idea I was going. Dennis' grandfather passed away and I was under the impression that we were simply going to West Point for the funeral - he surprised me with the trip to Waverly. She did say that we could linger on the property as long as we'd like, investigating, as long as it was during the daylight hours.