Sunday, October 24, 2010

Old Adams County Jail Investigation: NP01002A

To N.A.P.S. Members: 

Mike and Kim conducted a formal (and fairly comprehensive) investigation at the Old Adams County Jail on Saturday evening and had some interesting phenomena occur.  The analysis of the data is to follow.  Below is simply a summary of what we did and what we discovered.  There were some other things that happened that are not for public consumption just yet.  The details, log, and exact data and all phenomena will be in the Case File.  Call us or email us if you want details in the meantime.  Happy hunting and see you soon!

N.A.P.S. Case # and Status:
Type: Public
Status: Open    
Log: All
Phase: Analysis 
Finding: Positive: Class B (Significant Paranormal Evidence at Site) 
Recommendation: Keep Case Open; more Field Research warranted; see Case File for recommended specific applications of equipment/personnel on future investigations  
Release: Public: Class B (Report available for public release with limited censoring)

Cross referenced phenomena logged:  EVPs (moaning and vibration sounds); VP (moan - both investigators simultaneously); Physical Touching (both investigators; twice - elbow and thigh); Ambient Temp (immediate drops concurrent with other phenomena); Sensation: strong feelings of presence (1 - male) .

Length of Investigation: 1 hour & 15 minutes
EVP Sessions: 2
Audio entire time:  Yes (Zoom H2)
Protection: Prayer in; Prayer out

Equipment: Ambient temp and IR temp meters; Full-spectrum video camera; Sony camcorder; MEL 8704R meter; RT-EVP; Panasonic RR DR60; Zoom H2; Era Cues-Trigger Objects (Period music from 1920s and 1930s; Old Coins; Old spoons); EVP Techniques: (1) hospitable/soft; (2) confrontational/provocative [best results].   

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