Wednesday, October 20, 2010

N.A.P.S. TEAM T-Shirt On the Way!

Here are the N.A.P.S. Team T-Shirts that have been designed and ordered, and are on the way.  Delivery is guaranteed by November 1st, so they should be here in only ten days.  Cost for the tee-shirts for Team Members will be $25.00 each just to recoup cost (no profit).   Cost for non-team members: $35.00.

Several sizes will be available in limited quantities - we ask that you purchase only one for now in your size.  If enough members decide we want more we can place an order for additional/back-up shirts whenever we decide.

On the front is:
Natchez Area Paranormal Society
Natchez, Mississippi

On the rear is:
Paranormal Research Team
our main website url

Natchez Ghosts: The Devil's Punchbowl is the official blog of N.A.P.S. - the Natchez Area Paranormal Society

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