Thursday, October 28, 2010

King's Tavern: Far More Falsehood Than Truth

Saved under "my favorites" in my browser is a dedicated folder to King's Tavern.  In it are two sub-folders, one for accurate sites with information about the history of King's Tavern, and in the other sub-folder are most all the sites I've come across. Many, if not most, are Ghost Hunting Teams who have been to the Tavern some time in the past and have posted the "history" of the site.  So, one folder is labeled True King's Tavern and the Other is labeled False King's Tavern.  I can tell you this: only one site is listed in the True and all the others are listed under the False folder.

Typical, are such entries as these:

"Not your “typical” haunted inn, The King’s Tavern has had some particularly horrific crimes take place in its history, including the appalling murder of an infant whose cries are heard to this day."

"When Richard King first bought the building for the tavern in 1789, it was just an old house. It had been built in 1769 from bricks, and beams scrapped from dismantled sailing ships. The building was originally built to be used as a block house for Fort Panmure during the British occupation of Natchez."

"King moved his family in, and transformed part of their home into a profitable tavern and inn, the first post office in town, and now the oldest remaining building in Natchez."

"An outlaw called “Big Harpe” was staying at the inn when he became angered by the sound of a crying baby. He found the source of his ire, and snatched it from its mother arms. Before she could stop him, the brutal beast threw the infant against a wall. He then went back to the bar and ordered another beer. Employees and patrons often hear a baby crying in the vacant rooms and attic of the inn."

"Richard King had a very jealous wife. She had reason to feel as she did because Richard was carrying on an affair right in their very home! The object of his passion was a young girl, Madeline, a family servant. Soon after the affair was discovered by Mrs. King, Madeline disappeared!"

"Madeline’s remains, with a jeweled dagger in her chest, were found in the 1930s by the owners, the Postalwaith family, during a renovation which included expanding the chimney wall."

None of these statements above are true. Every single one is a made up folktale. The problem is that nearly every team that comes into the Tavern goes online for "info" and keeps perpetuating the same lies. That says a lot, doesn't it, about so-called paranormal "investigators" who do not check their facts. Just goes to show you, there are truly professional, mature investigators who do the hard work, and then there are kids who play.

The only thing more disappointing than the Teams who perpetuate the stories are the people who believe them. 

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