Wednesday, October 13, 2010

N.A.P.S. Next Major Over-Night Investigation Locations: King's Tavern in October; The Myrtles in November

N.A.P.S., the Natchez Area Paranormal Society, has selected as its next main site locations upcoming in the very near future, two separate over-night investigations into a pair of the most publicized, block-buster haunted sites in our area!  The first, at King's Tavern right here in Natchez, Mississippi, will be conducted later this month.  Then, upcoming in November, is an over-night investigation at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana, only an hour's drive away.  The Myrtles has been noted by many to be the most haunted house in America, and it certainly makes it into the top ten most haunted house in many lists on a consistent basis.  Both of these investigations promise to be interesting and will certainly give us great potential opportunities to record anomalies.  We are going to pull out all the stops and will be taking most of our equipment in order to do a wide array of various full spectrum and deep infrared video, photo, EVP, standard camera, and EMF recordings, as well as using extensive targeted trigger objects.  We will be using our newly acquired Panasonic RR DR 60 for the first time in a major Class I location.  We will share some of our thoughts and results right here on the blog.  So keep coming back to see the latest news and reports.  We are currently working through the preliminary permission and booking phase for these investigations, choosing which equipment to use, and organizing the field layout schematic.  We are also digging deeply into the research of these sites, and creating case files.  We hope that this will only be the beginning of many trips to each, and that our familiarity with the site and evidence list will grow larger over time.  We will keep you posted.  One develops his or her investigative skills and only becomes sharpest at "the work" when one takes on the most challenging sites.  Keep us in your prayers, and pray that: we can find a natural cause for the phenomena and document that conclusively; or if there is someone there, that we may truly help and guide them along the path to truth and true light or accept a peaceful co-existence; or if it is an evil being, that we will be protected and can successfully deal with it.  Thanks!

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