Thursday, December 2, 2010

NAPS Team: Upcoming Dates - Please Take Note!

Hey guys,
Kim has been working hard on some things, and so here are the latest dates that you all need to make a note of:

Friday Night, December 3, 7:00pm FIELD INVESTIGATION
This is the Franklin County Private Home investigation. We will "stage" at B-Kwik on 61North at US 84 at 7:00. Mike will brief everyone for final instructions. We can carpool also. Get prepared - download all files from audio and video/photo equipment - change batteries - get everything together!

Tuesday, Dec 7, Mike as Consultant - Meets with Client in LA Special Case

Please pray. This is a very serious situation.  Mike, as a consultant, is currently consulting in-turn with John Zaffis regarding this case.

Thursday Night, Dec 9, TEAM MEETING - EVIDENCE REVIEW, 7:00pm

Meet at 7pm at Mike's House for an evidence review session and training. We will have seven or eight laptops - desktops set-up on long tables. Trainees will get great traning and we will get a lot of review done. Everyone needs to be at this one. Goals for 2011 will be handed out, and will hopefully be awe-inspiring! Every one - Please don't miss this crucial meeting.

CHRISTMAS PARTY at Comfort Suites, Tuesday, December 14 at 7:00pm

This is a pay-your-own-way party at the restaurant at Comfort Suites. We have reserved a very large table and area. We are inviting our Prayer Support Team to this party to honoring and show our deep appreciation for them, and also they can meet everyone. Let's remember the reason for Christmas and celebrate Christ's birth and how he has blessed us in so many ways. Let's celebrate also the year we've had and each other's company. You may bring one guest single guys and girls!

She will also be letting you ladies know when the dowsing session with Don Estes is going to be once she hears back from Thom at KT.

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