Monday, December 6, 2010

Kings Tavern Evidence Showing Significant Activity

Preliminary indications from evidence review that continues to be ongoing are strong for a significant paranormal activity finding for King's Tavern, resulting from our investigation there Saturday night, November 27th.  Photo and video evidence, combined with simultaneous & significant EMF spikes and positive EVP recordings, as well as investigators having multiple and various sensory experiences (including smells of lavender, being physically touched, and two investigators seeing apparitions of a shadow figure at the same time during a provocation session) are combining to indicate significant paranormal activity.  We only consider evidence significant when it is cross-verified with other simultaneous evidence. 

We feel we have de-bunked some of the things that are said to be happening, especially when it comes to the history and stories that are told surrounding the Tavern.  This does not surprise us, but what we are particularly excited about is that we feel we can add some much needed clarity as to what is haunting the site.  We certainly don't pretend to know all the answers, but we do feel we have something significant to contribute to the overall understanding of King's Tavern and what is happening there, which will go against the grain of some long-standing assumptions.  We should be releasing our full report soon. 

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