Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reflections & Latest Team News

Finishing Strong
It looks like we have completed our last investigation for the year, unless something of an emergency nature arises.  We will be doing much evidence review and reveals on cases recently done.  It is time to reflect on the year and our beginning together as a team.  I am amazed at how well we've come together.  That perhaps is due to us having experience, albeit it separately, and being older in years (see, there are some advantages to age!)  Did ya'll know our average investigator's age is 39?  (personal note to team: sorry for pulling the age up! Lol.)  Hey, wisdom trumps speed!  We will have a team meeting next Thursday the 9th, as well as our Christmas Party on December 14th.  I'm sure we'll be going on "outings" to local spots as well - including going back to The Myrtles.  Those have been fun, spur-of-the-moment things that we all seem to love.  A phone call results in, "Hey, wanna go to Meade Villa?" or, "Wanna drive down to The Myrtles tonight?"  One thing leads to another, and a couple of of hours later 6 of us are roaming around in the dark looking for positive EVPs!  That's one thing I love about this team is our passion, enthusiasm and spontaneity.

Web-Sites Making A Splash:
On October 28, after about 18 days of being on-line, we had a total of around 300 visits to our Blog site, including visits from five countries (4 overseas).  As of today, December 4 (less than two months) that number has expanded to 1,386 hits from 19 different countries.  I think what attracts repeated visits is that updates and new entries occur often, plus we offer a "journal" of sorts of our Team's activities to those interested in the Paranormal.  They may not always agree with what we do or how we do it, but at least it's interesting as they read the "personality" of who we are and how we do things.

Our main site has had over 2,500 hits.  Granted, that's not huge - but for a small team from Mississippi, that's not too bad!  Our main site is directed toward potential clients, and our blog site is for the team and what we are doing - a team journal and information portal.

Friends & Networking
The Natchez Area Paranormal Society has established working relationships and friendships with two other Paranormal teams in our region of the U.S. whom we have great respect for, and also have made contact with others.  We are developing a close friendship with MSSPI team members who have also graciously helped us on a case by providing their opinions with photographic evidence review.  We also are working with Cenla Paranormal Research on a case.  Both of these paranormal teams are excellent teams that provide much needed help for people in their area.  We've also made contact with Brad Duplechien of LA Spirits in Louisiana, a very well experienced and well-run team.  We at N.A.P.S. feel privileged to be rubbing elbows with other colleagues and learning from them.  Our thanks to all of you!      (You can click on those Team Names above and you will be redirected to their site).

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