Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reminder: Dowsing at Kings Tavern Saturday

Excellent Team Meeting!
Thanks PI's for working hard and getting things done.  It was impressive to see so many computers scattered everywhere and investigators staring at monitor screens in the glow of LCD light.  I think we stressed out SugarSync.  The surprise quiz/exam caught ya'll off guard I know - but ya'll did well, and it was fun wasn't it?!  Now ya'll know what a hellmouth is.  Our goals are set for 2011 and it's going to be an exciting year!  Cheryl we missed you - we'll get you caught up.

One Amazing Apparition Photo (above):
The full-spectrum photo from the grounds at The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, LA, showing what clearly appears to be three human figures that were not there when the photo was taken is amazing.  We need to go down to The Myrtles to take comparison photos to see if we can recreate it; but after careful study, several of us think it is clearly a little girl and two adults - possibly soldiers due to the way they are dressed.  I'm always amazed, that no matter how good the evidence is, it can always be doubted or believed.  I'll be writing very soon about this inescapable fact-of-life feature that simply will always be a fixed feature of paranormal investigating - The Law of Evidence Bi-Option. 

N.A.P.S. Ladies: 
Don't forget that Don Estes will be dowsing for remains at 3:15pm at King's Tavern.  It's your chance to see Don in action. 

S.O.R. Unit:
Michael DeLorenze and Chris Jackson performed a private house cleansing and blessing Friday night for a married couple having some problems.  They will be issuing a report that will be posted on Sugarsync for you to read.  The case number is NP1012.

Historic Research Archives Website:
This third site of six has now been created.  It is offline at present as content is being added.  Once five to six articles are up with sources listed we will go active with the site.  The site title and header paragraph say this about it's purpose:

                       N.A.P.S. - Historical Research Archives, Library & Reading Room

Natchez Area Paranormal Society: This is the official site for our archives and storage of historical research reports, articles, photographs and other interesting items we create and uncover during our investigations.    The Natchez Area Paranormal Society is a Member of the Historic Natchez Foundation and the Natchez Historical Society, of Natchez, Mississippi.  This site is a satellite site of N.A.P.S.  Please visit our main site for information about us.

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