Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Say Ghost Hunter, Whatcha Reading or Studying?

I've finished four books the last couple of weeks, and have started a couple of more.  I finished Richard Southall's book How to be a Ghost Hunter; The Dark Sacrament: True Stories of Modern-Day Demon Possession and Exorcism, by Keily and McKenna; There are Ghosts In Our World But Are They Real?, by David Manch ( a decent book covering some false-positive angles); and M. Scott Peck's Glimpses of the Devil.  I'm half way through Angels: Elect & Evil by Fred Dickason, a couple of books on Wicca, one each on Tarot (including learning the arcana and cards - for knowledge - not practice) and Ouija, and Hostage to the Devil, by Malachi Martin.  I'm well into all of those, and have others in a pile waiting.  My focus, obviously from what I'm reading, is on the demonology angle right now.  What are you guys reading, or what are you looking into?  (May or may not be related to the paranormal.)


  1. Just a suggestion--- If you actually "own'' the material you are reading from.. You may think of doing an "in house" library for your investigators. Would be a great way to Keep up w/ your materiel as well as swap books and literature around. Not that it's any of my business, but you sure read alot and books arent cheep. Although you may can find alot @ your local library, there is a big chance that alot of your materiel can't be found there. Just my suggestion. Hope you guys had a great New Years and a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Great suggestion, but we are already doing exactly that. We swap books back and forth constantly! Yes, some of the books I have are out of print and rare. They are prized possessions. :)

  3. I'm currently reading through the book that I borrowed from you, The Art of Ghost Hunting by Jaeson K. Jrakman - and I have to say, that while I'm finding some of it very informative and quite interesting, there are parts that may as well be in Greek for all I'm able to understand. Honestly, I could probably comprehend more of it if it was written in Theban! Lol (an ancient alphabet used mainly in wiccan or pagan rituals now, for those who don't know).
    Other than that, I've been reading quite a lot as I received several books for Christmas - the first being "Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter" by Seth Grahame-Smith, which I had to read simply because of the title. I mean, I had no choice but to find out how the author turned Abraham Lincoln into a vampire hunter. The second book is actually a compilation of 3 novels in series called "Night World". There's a total of 10 books - the compilation I received is 7, 8, and 9 - 10 won't be released until later in the year. I've also been reading a lot of Christopher Pike and Cate Tiernan