Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2011 Goals Outlined

NAPS Members:
In tonight's team meeting, Kim and I will be passing out goals that we would like to see us work toward during this next year.  In fact, the goals you will see actually are a three-year vision.  We have extensive training on goal setting, and agree with the concept that goals work best when you have a long-range vision in mind, and then work backwards by taking those goals and breaking them down into shorter segments of time.  Hence, the goals you will see listed are three year goals, but we have highlighted the ones we'd like to see NAPS accomplish next year - our goals for 2011 - as we work toward getting them all done.  That's half the fun of setting long-range goals, not only do you have a better and clearer destination, you can try to get there quicker! 

They are our ideas as Co-Founders, but we will use them tonight as a starting point for discussion.  We can add to, modify, cut or tweak them.  Mike will have a white board and markers ready (you know him and his white board crutch)! The main point is to decide together what we want to accomplish both individually as PI's (Paranormal Investigators) and as a TEAM!  One of the many things we love and enjoy most about TEAM N.A.P.S. is your drive, your passion and your "dreaming big dreams;" and yet working to make those outrageous dreams happen.  NAPS as a team is simply individuals coming together to accomplish shared goals.  The stronger and more effective you make yourself, the stronger we are as a Team.

There are 12 Categories in this (Initial) Set of 3-Year Goals.  We have listed these categories below (remember these are 3 year goals).  We have extensive details typed up on each of these, which we will give you tonight.  Let's set them, get focused and then get to work!

1.   Equipment & Software (expanding our inventory significantly)  
2.   Expand the Number of Trained Investigators by 6 (Director of Recruiting)
3.   Improve the Legal Structure of the Team (By-Laws & Reporting - routine)
4.   Expand & Form 3 Units within NAPS:
             E.R.A. Unit (Evidence Review & Analysis)
             S.O.R. Unit (Demonology Unit) [expand & meet separately for training]
             P.R.M. Department (Public Relations & Marketing)
5.   Over-Night Trips, Regional & National Conventions (fun, cross-pollinate, & learn)
6.   Website(s) Build Out (goal is 5 sites around central "hub" site)
7.   Fund-Raising through 5 means
8.   Public Service Projects
9.   Education (power point presentations & public seminars/speaking engagements)
10. Training & Development (both ongoing & new investigator processes)
11. NAPS Office with WiFi (with or without fire station slide pole!)
12. Team Van (no, we are not kidding)

Other miscellaneous tidbits: like developing a NAPS Ghost Tour; experimental equipment; having guests/specialists in to speak at Team Meetings; role switching to give investigators experience in Case Manager or Lead Investigator positions; etc.

So, put your thinking and dreaming caps on, and get ready to roll up your sleeves.  See you tonight!

Mike Chapman
Kim Frith


  1. Im just a loyal fan of the crew.. I believe all of the goals you all have listed are definetly obtainable! Wow! Good goals!