Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is Everybody Studying & Reading?

With the holidays fast upon us, most ghost hunting teams are taking a much needed break from investigations and analysis.  However, that's not to say that all of us are not doing anything.  I have to laugh because this stuff is just in our blood.  It seems though most of our investigators are reading and studying during this time, as I have spoken with several of our PI's in the last couple of days.  Yeah, it's true, we don't have lives...

Many are getting the chance to get caught up on subjects they've been wanting to explore, and that's a very good thing.  I tend to read about six or seven books at once - no kidding.  I read a chapter or two in one and have to digest something a bit different - like sampling morsels from a party plate: a little bit o' this and a little bit o' that!  As I finish one I add another to the pile.  Eventually they move through "the system" and get spit out the other side.  Another thing I do is write all in the book, underlining and making snide comments in the margins if I disagree, or "right on - correct" if I do.  Sometimes there's a sketch or a face.  I have many different versions of "faces":  of course the smiley face, but I have the frowny face, confused face and angry face too.  I pity the person who borrows one of my books and comes across this stuff.  Then they'll know the truth - what my family and friends have known all along.  I'll be exposed: he's truly "touched."

Currently, my reading "pile" consists of everything from paranormal Encyclopedias to books on Wicca, Tarot, Ghost Science, the Catholic doctrine of purgatory and the Ritual Romanum.  I think I need something a little lighter to peruse.  Maybe I can dig out one of my old comic books...


  1. There is a very interesting book called the book of solomon or the key of solomon. You can actually find it in a free download. From my understanding it is supposedly a book King Solomon wrote but it has been a guideline for many magicians and people who practice magic. It may give you some insights into some things. I am assumeing if he is truly the author of this book it must of been written during the time he chased after false gods, the gods of some of his wives (however many thousands that was)... The weird part is he seems to implore God in this book. I would not classify it as good wholesome christian reading; however it may perhaps help you with some of your demonology case files. Merry Christmas !

  2. I am familiar with this book, but don't have a copy. Thanks for the tip - I'll definitely go download it! It's the book in which Solomon "captures" 36 demons, and they are known as the 36 deacons (or 10 degree portions) of the Zodiac. He forces them to construct his Temple. Another Arabian version has the number at 72. The demons are actually named. In the 72 version, the demons are Djinn (Genies) - the Arabic version of demon. The "story" is not true (because four of the "demons" named are the true and godly Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel! However, I personally believe the NAMES given may be accurate - it's just that we don't know if they are fallen or not.