Wednesday, December 15, 2010

N.A.P.S. Team News

Great Christmas party last night! 

I think we all had a great time!  Thanks to everyone for coming and participating.  The exciting news is we now have THREE more applicants to become Paranormal Investigators with us!  Hold on to your seats, gang - I think we're about to take off.  2011 is going to be an amazing year, I can tell already.  I'm also excited about the internal NAPS Certified P.I. Basic Course that we have kicked off.  I challenge all of us to follow through and get all of those extensive skills, tasks and resource books checked off one by one!  That's an excellent system of training, knowledge and skill building.  It begins with Troy Taylor's Guidebook, which all of you should own a copy of and study carefully.

The Tech and Gear Meeting that Michael DeLorenze, Kim and I had Tuesday afternoon went very well, and we discussed concrete plans for our Evidence Website, which we are planning and building.  We discussed evidence review and CD packets to clients, as well as equipment needs.  We also had historical research leader Chris Jackson there, and we discussed the planned historical site as well, which actually will probably be the next site we have that goes public. We are currently building content for that site, which is already built and is parked off-line awaiting enough content to launch.

A.G.S.:  I've been back and forth on email with Troy Taylor today (Wednesday), about our reporting process and letting him know what is going on.  I sent him a copy of Kimberly's amazing apparition photo at the Myrtles.  I also let him know about the case in Louisiana, as well as our three major investigations recently.

PR Director?
One of our major goals for next year is to create a Public Relations & Marketing Department for NAPS.  We have laid out many, many goals and things to accomplish next year in that regard.  Some of those goals are major, others are minor, but there are about 30 of them.  We may have found our Director for that Department!  This person is considering taking it on, and I can tell you he/she would be great for it.  Keep your fingers crossed, we may be making an announcement on this soon.

Public Service:
We will be tackling a public service project very soon - the cleanup, archiving and documenting of the private cemetery at Meadvilla.  Stay tuned for details on that as well.

Remember your NAPS eight must have characteristics by the acronym reminder, Do Spirits Hate Photo Cameras on Paranormal Team Hunts?  The first letters of those words (except "on") stand for the first letter of one of our must-have traits.  It's just a fun way to remember, and be aware of these things that are so important to us in our approach to paranormal investigation.

Deep Faith
Spiritual Warfare know-how
Technical Know-how
Healthy Skepticism

Happy Holidays!

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