Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thank You for Prayers in Special Needs Case

A very warm thank you for those of you (FDO, JC, MB, FC, MLM, KM, RS, SS, DF, KP, KF, CJ, MD, KD, BS, LH, SS, CF, AB, ABM and others) who were praying for me and the others on the case I traveled to Tuesday night [over 20 people].  I informed the client of your intercession in hopes to encourage her to know that she is not alone in the fight.  She wept with relief and emotion due to the stress of the case and the appreciation that so many people are interceding for her, and she expressed to me her profound appreciation for your prayers, fasting and positive thoughts toward her and her family.  She wanted me to convey her gratitude to you. 

After an extensive interview with her, and members from three other paranormal teams discussing evidence from their investigations, I have concluded as a demonologist that the case does indeed involve the preternatural (demonic) activity.  There is very significant demonic infestation, in my view, that is clear and undeniable.  This heroic mother is in a battle, and she needs your continued prayers.  She has an eighteen year old son and an eight year old daughter she is fighting for, as well as for herself.  My time alone on the drive back, involving much prayer and discernment from the Holy Spirit, was conclusive in my own heart and mind.

I have already spoken with a clergy member regarding this case, and briefed him on what I knew of the case at the time.  He advised me before my trip tonight that my approach and goals for tonight's interview and  meeting was sound, and that things would clear up quite a bit during and after the meeting.  He was exactly right.  Special thanks to co-founder Kim Frith for helping me process the case post-meeting as we discussed various aspects of this case.  Special thanks also to Kathy Pace (the insight was spot on), Chris Jackson (the resource was awesome), ML & Kay Miller, Rod & Sherrie Summer, and my mom - who especially stood in the gap for me.  I will be having a conference with the clergy member as soon as possible to present my findings and evidence to him, and we will proceed with whatever he thinks is best, in consultation with the client as well as the lead investigator/client liaison on this case - Brandi Morrison. 

To the Team Members I met last night from Cenla Paranormal, LA Spirits and NPI (Brandi, Matt, Mike E, Kris and the others) - it was a pleasure to meet you and work with you. Your work on this case is both professional and caring - a perfect blend - and is an inspiration to me personally. 

To the client, you are very special and the eternal Father is looking over you.  I admire your faith, grit and determination, and help is now beside you and with you.  Sometimes, the Eternal Father allows battles in our lives for our own benefit, so that our faith is increased, and we grow stronger.  It is all for the benefit of our souls.  You and yours are worth the battle...fight on!

"You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world."  - 1 John 4:6

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