Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Myrtles Apparition Photo: Release of Evidence Log

N.A.P.S. – Natchez Area Paranormal Society

Location:               The Myrtles Plantation
                              St. Francisville, LA
Date:                     11/04/2010
Time:                     9:30pm (2130 hours)
Type:                     Apparition Photo
Investigator(s):     Kimberly & Michael DeLorenze
This photo was taken on the 4th of November on Thursday night by Kimberly DeLorenze at approximately 9:30 p.m. The weather was clear, the temperature was approximately 54 degrees, the Geomagnetic Field was quiet and the Solar x-ray was Normal that evening, according to NOAA.  It was 2 days before the New Moon phase.
At the time this photo was taken, we were just to the north and west of the main house, slightly to the rear, somewhat located between the main house and the caretaker’s house.  Kimberly had just mentioned to me (Michael) that she felt (“sensed”) that there was something moving over in that direction, and so she quickly raised the camera and snapped a photo with a SVP Full Spectrum Camera.  I was holding a Phantom full spectrum illuminator (25 LEDs) in my right hand (it was NOT mounted next to the camera on a camera mount bar).  When she pointed the camera, I pointed the illuminator the direction she was pointing the camera.  We were standing side-by-side right next to one another, with me positioned on her right.  She is right handed but was holding the camera in front of her face with both hands.  I was holding the camera just off my right shoulder with my elbow bent in about a 90 degree angle – in a normal position of holding up an illuminator.  The distance between the camera and the illuminator was about 3’-4’.  There was absolutely no one on the grounds at this time of the night.  We were walking around by ourselves and we did not see anyone.  At the distance involved it would have been easy to see anyone over in that area.  There was absolutely no one there.  We did not know we had captured this unique photo until we reviewed our evidence the next day.
Declaration of Truth:
We declare that the above statement is true and factual, and is neither an embellishment nor a falsehood.
Michael DeLorenze
Kimberly DeLorenze

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