Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two Team Demonologists Join Paranormal S.W.A.T.

Two  of our leading demonologists, Mike Chapman and Kim Frith, were recently invited to join Paranormal S.W.A.T. (Spiritual Warfare Assistance Team) based out of Memphis, Tennessee, and led by demonologist Angela Ashton. This national group of professional and mature Christian demonologists and clergy members are working demonic cases as well as suspected demonic cases all over the nation. It is made up of the finest, most professional Christian demonologists and clergy members available who are trained and have experience in dealing first-hand with demonic cases. To be accepted into the Team one has to be proven in the field of demonology with background training and experience. It is open to only Christian demonologists who adhere to a strict set of guidelines and protocols.

Mike was contacted first by Ashton, and was asked to join. "After seeing the quality of people involved and their thoroughness and very like-minded approach to our own demonology unit's methods and protocols, I readily accepted. Their rules, guidelines, protocols, strategies...all were exactly the same as ours. It is a perfect fit, and I'm excited to know there are other like-minded, passionate individuals out there. I've been busy ever since...I just thought my case load was high before!," Mike explained. "I am very impressed with many of the other team members and in Angela. She is the real deal."

Mike was then instrumental in getting Kim Frith involved, as his case load is very high. Kim has become a strong demonologist in her own right, and specializes in working directly with clients, establishing a strong relationship with them and doing follow-up work and long-term care, which is crucial. When a possible demonic case came up in Gulfport, with Mike already involved in a case in Biloxi, Ashton expanded the P-SWAT rules to take two members from one paranormal team into Paranormal S.W.A.T. Due to P-SWAT's case load being very high in this region, the fact we are sorely needed and our Team has quality people who are well trained and experienced, Kim was readily accepted. Mike explained, "Our N.A.P.S. demonologists in our Spiritual & Occult Research Unit are first of all accepted into our own Unit on the basis of their humility and mindset to do this work. I want them focused first on being, then the doing comes later. Apparently, that's what Angela is looking for also. Humility, being a team player, and understanding one's role as a follower of Christ are all keys in demonology work. We are aids to the clergy when a case is bad. We have our role, and the clergy has theirs. We suppliment and compliment one another."  

As Mike and Kim work with P-SWAT cases, the entire SOR Unit of Natchez Area Paranormal will be involved, and these individuals are well on their way to becoming strong, well-trained and experienced demonologists. They are Michael and Kimberly DeLorenze, and L. Smith, one of our investigators located in the Jackson, Mississippi area. These Unit members have worked demonic cases while in N.A.P.S., and are learning the calling. Mike emphasized, "This work will change you. It will increase your faith. I'm sure I speak for Kim when I say we are proud and honored to be associated with this group as Team Members."

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