Thursday, October 20, 2011

SuperTalk Radio: Scraps of Additional Info

Here is some information left over from my notes in preparing for the Paul Gallo SuperTalk Radio Interview from a couple of weeks ago:

Gallo had asked me to give my opinion on top haunted sites in the entire State of Mississippi.

My take:

The Top Haunted City: Natchez (prove me wrong!)

Next Most Haunted City: Vicksburg

This only makes sense because they are the oldest. For the following, keep in mind that I am naming only PUBLIC sites and not private homes and people...

Top Haunted Locations Around the State:
(The most commonly known):

Natchez - King's Tavern, Old Adams County Jail, Magnolia Hall, Glenburnie (the Goat Castle Murder), Longwood, Linden, The Towers, Stanton Hall, the Natchez Trace, City Cemetery, Springfield Plantation, The Cedars, Monmouth, Devil's Punchbowl area, Natchez-Under-the-Hill, Dunleith, etc.

Vicksburg: McCraven House, Cedar Grove (owned by friends of mine in Natchez), Duf Greene, the Military Park and associated properties, Adolf Rose Building on Clay Street, Old Kuhn Memorial State Hospital

Others Around the State:
Merrehope in Meridian, Rock n Roll Graveyard in Ocean Springs, Old Capitol in Jackson, Old Regional Hospital in Biloxi, the Old Hospital in Batesville.

Other Miscellaneous but Interesting scraps about Natchez that weren't mentioned on the Show and most people don't know about:

The Native American Indian presence in the Natchez Area goes back many, many hundreds of years. By the time the French arrived in the late 1690's - for example - the Emerald Mound site (2nd largest mound in U.S.) had already been abandoned. The mound builders were actually the predecessors of the Natchez Indians.

White Man's History in Natchez:

1542 - Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto comes through the area and makes contact with Indians

1682 - Spanish explorer La Salle comes through the area

1698 - French missionaries settle with Natchez Indians

1700 - French settle area with Fort Panmure (later Fort Rosalie)

1725 - The Natchez Chief dies, known as the "Sun" - he goes by the name "Tattooed Serpent." Upon his death as recorded by the French, many in his entourage commit ritual suicide in order to accompany him into the after life, including his wives, and several chief assistants. Many Indian mothers in the tribe also sacrifice their infant babies during this mourning time. This is a very dark side of the Natchez that many don't speak about, but provides a very ominous spiritual history over the site that is demonic.

1729 - Indian rebellion results in a massacre of French forces, French counter attack and end the Natchez Indians being in Natchez

May 7, 1840  The Great Natchez Tornado strikes, second worst tornado in US history, killing 317 people and injuring countless more. Many people do not know this about Natchez.

April 23, 1940, almost exactly 100 years later, a fire breaks out at a black club called the Rhythm Night Club. 207 African Americans died.

Betcha didn't know all that about Natchez!!!  Also, if you have ideas about other very commonly well known sites around the State - post them in the comments section! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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