Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Terrell Apparition Photograph

The Terrell Apparition Photo:
Taken by Sandra Terrell of Natchez, Mississippi, in late 2006, the rightmost yellow arrow points to an apparition of a lady in a cloak. Many people, when viewing this photograph, also note the face of a man to the left of her, indicated by the leftmost arrow. Some see even more faces, but clearly, the lady in the center is a full apparition and is very clearly seen. This particular photo at left is a cropped area of the original photo of the apparition itself, which is in the center of the original along a wooded grass strewn path or roadway. The scene was captured in the Potter's Field area of the Natchez City Cemetery, Natchez, Mississippi.

This amazing apparition photograph, which we are calling The Terrell Photograph, was taken in 2006 by amateur photographer Sandra Terrell in the Potter's Field area of the Natchez City Cemetery in Natchez, Mississippi. We have interviewed Sandra and her husband Allen, and enjoyed them telling us about the entire experience, including paranormal experiences regarding this photo since the original photograph was taken. We have documented the amazing story of when and where the photograph was taken, and have their interview recorded on both audio and video. The Terrell's have signed disclosure and truth statement documents authenticating that the photo is real and has not been altered or added to in any way. N.A.P.S. crop-enlarged the photo above so we could show you a close-up of the apparition itself.

At the time the shot was taken, none of the family members including Sandra, saw anything unusual. Sandra stated that she simply took a shot of the scenery, because she thought the path was particularly beautiful and striking. It was only later, when the photograph turned up at their home being printed off all by itself, that Allen noticed the apparition in the center. We plan to write much more on this photo in the coming weeks, once the busy months of October and early November are behind us. However, we wanted all of you to get an early view of this startling and amazing photograph of a woman in a hooded cloak. Both Sandra and Allen feel that this woman perhaps is reaching out to them and in effect saying, "Don't forget about us back here in the back of the cemetery like everyone else has." Potter's Fields are where paupers and indigents were buried, almost always without even a headstone to mark their passing. Remember that these were human beings just like you and me who had hopes and dreams, mothers and fathers, and lived and breathed here on this good earth. They lived their lives and then passed on and were buried without any seeming dignity, respect or memorial that they ever lived and died. We here at Natchez Paranormal believe that this woman made herself known to the Terrell family for a reason, and that her appearing to Sandra and entering the lives of her and her husband Allen was no coincidence.

Team Leader Mike Chapman and Case Manager Kim Frith were particular impressed with the Terrells as very quality people and are extremely credible. Their story is real.

More details on the Terrells and this photograph in the coming weeks.

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