Friday, January 14, 2011

N.A.P.S. Investigators Learning Dowsing Techniques

Photo at Left:  FLIR i7 photo of Don Estes, center left, dowsing for human remains at a N.A.P.S. Investigation in the Fall of 2010. 

Two N.A.P.S. Paranormal Investigators, Kim Frith and Benjie Sanders, have undertaken an apprenticeship with Don Estes in the art of dowsing, specifically dowsing for the purpose of locating human remains.  Don has instructed them in how to make their own dowsing rods, which they have done, and also how to properly use the rods in locating remains.  Friday morning at 10:00am, they met with Don at the Natchez City Cemetery to undergo some tests that Don put them through, helping them with their technique and to gain confidence in their findings.  Don was impressed by both student's progress and accuracy.  One particularly interesting grave they were made to practice on was a mother buried with her infant male son in her arms.  Part of what Kim and Benjie are learning is to identify the sex of the body.  Both students passed the test, with the rod indicating a female until it reached the torso area, when the rods then turned outward indicating that they had located the male baby.  Other tests required them to tell Don how many bodies were located in a particular area.  Both passed all the tests with flying colors.  Don was also very impressed with the dowsing rods they made for themselves, and said they were actually superior to his own.  So, the two are planning to make Don a set, with the handles being a size that he said would work well for him.  Don, working with Kim and Benjie, will be identifying the grave sites of the people buried at Mead Villa in the near future. 

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