Friday, January 7, 2011

2011: N.A.P.S. Hitting the Ground Running!

Several N.A.P.S. Investigators and Leaders intending to take a break over the holidays actually wound up working very hard on just about everything under the sun.  As 2011 dawns we currently are working four private home cases; a public case we are beginning to gear up for; a big marketing and public relations push for this year that is moving forward on several fronts; cemetery preservation efforts at Meadvilla; consultation cases with other teams; website development including adding content to and launching three new satellite websites; team training (including two investigators being trained to dowse); new equipment arriving in the way of a stand-alone DVD player/burner and our tech guy learning to use it; and new fund raising efforts on three different fronts - including adding sponsors and partners.  Our Demonology unit is very active as well, and we are also adding new investigators & processing new applications. 

We set very specific goals for this year, then broke those goals down into those which we need to accomplish for January & February, in a strategy of taking two month "bites" at a time out of our stated goals.  We have been so busy that we have already accomplished most of those first goals already!  Next week will be a busy one, culminating with a clearing & blessing of a home, our Team Meeting on Friday evening, and an in-depth interview in a case in Monticello, Mississippi on Saturday.  2011 promises to be a very busy and exciting year!  As Team Leader, I am very proud of where we already are, but get very excited when I think about where we will be in a few short months.  Thanks to all of you N.A.P.S. Investigators, and to Kim and Benjie, who are working so hard and are so dedicated.

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