Monday, January 10, 2011

February Fright Fest 2011 in Jackson

N.A.P.S. has been asked to participate in February Fright Fest (F3) in Jackson, MS on February 12.  Chuck Jett, host of the event, contacted N.E.A.R. Paranormal Founders and Demonologists Keith and Sandra Johnson, to ask them for a recommendation for a Team in our area, and Sandra recommended us.  Mike is in contact with Keith and Sandra through their Demonologist forum group.  Keith and Sandra, as well as most of their investigators, were core members of T.A.P.S. before leaving to form their own team - N.E.A.R. (New England Anomalies Research) which focuses more on demonic cases.  N.E.A.R. is located in Rhode Island.  They maintain a close relationship with T.A.P.S. founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.  Keith, Sandra and Keith's twin brother Carl are considered some of the foremost demonologists in America.  Keith has written two books about his experiences, Paranormal Realities and Paranormal Realities II.  It's nice to know they would recommend us to people such as Chuck who ask them for recommendations from our area. Again, thanks Sandra!

The Event
February Fright Fest (F3) will be held on Friday and Saturday February 11-12. The public is invited to attend. The location is in Jackson, MS, at the birthplace of Eudora Welty, known as The Commons.  The Commons is a quaint, beautiful little compound stowed away off of Congress Street in the Belhaven area.  It is best accessed by taking the Fortification Street exit off of Interstate 55.  This eclectic event will be attended by authors, artists, dancers, performing artists, people interested in the horror genre - both movies and literature, people interested in paranormal investigations, even people who reenact medieval jousting.  Friday's event is in the evening, and is the "Black Hearts Ball."  It's a fun costume encouraged event.  Everyone is invited to attend.  There will be no charge for admission either Friday or Saturday.  On Saturday, there will be horror movies showing in the gallery, as well as vendors and panels.  The vendors will consist of authors and artists; a prop maker/special effects costumer; and us as a paranormal investigation group. Our focus is to be there on Saturday, starting at 10:00am and ending around 6:00pm.  We will be located inside at our vendor table.

Our Role:
N.A.P.S. has been invited to fill an educational and awareness role for the event.  We will have a vendor booth and will answer questions of the general public and display some of our evidence.  We will also participate in a Q & A panel (Question and Answer) where a moderator and the general public will ask us questions.  Panel topics will include paranormal investigation, EVP, spirit photography, demonology, strange encounters and other topics.  We have invited MSSPI to participate in the event with us and share in the vendor table and panel.  We plan on having evidence on laptops for people to look at and listen to (EVP, photos and video), as well as printed information. 

So, mark your calendars and make plans to attend!

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