Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gary Galka of DAS Distributing, Maker of the MEL Meter

Photo at Left:
NAPS Team Leader Mike Chapman and Gary Galka of DAS Distributing, maker of the MEL Meter, named after his daughter Melissa who died in a tragic auto accident in 2006.

It was an immense pleasure and honor to finally meet Gary Galka. Gary, Kim Frith and me (Mike Chapman) were able to meet up at a Ruby Tuesday's restaurant in Connecticut a couple of weeks ago. Gary makes the MEL Meter, the RT-EVP, the static pod and the P-SB7 spirit box as seen and used by paranormal investigators around the world. Gary is a warm, personable guy who deeply cares about such values as family, charity, and giving. He and his own family now help others who have lost loved-ones through the grieving process. I have spoken elsewhere about Gary's daughter Melissa, how she was lost in a tragic car accident, and how after death communications with Melissa changed Gary's life and those of his wife and other two daughters. Quite honestly, it makes me a bit uncomfortable to write about something so tragic and personal as the loss of a daughter, having a seventeen year-old of my own. I mention this however, because Gary is such an inspiration in how he has taken that unimaginable tragedy and has not run from it, or tried to escape it. Instead, he grieves, and he loves, and he acts. In short, he lives on, in just the kind of way that I'm sure Melissa is very proud of. In an age absent of heroes and inspirational men, Gary's example is certainly worth writing about.

An engineer by profession, after Mel's death Gary turned his attention to providing high quality equipment and instruments that will make a significant difference in the paranormal investigation field. It has become his passion, and it is infectious! It was a blast to hear Gary speak about instruments and equipment he has specially made for such TV stars as Zak Bagans and other plans he has for the future, which I won't mention because I'm not sure Gary wants that out just yet. It has me excited, for sure!

Most of our conversation though, centered around such human issues such as integrity, character, and building trust. Unfortunately, those aren't topics most of us spend enough time talking about. Though Kim and I had just met Gary, we spent a relaxing and very enjoyable two and a half hours speaking with a man who has amazing talent and intellect, and also works very hard to be the best he can be. I was also very struck by his deep love for his wife and children, and he spoke about the lessons learned in his life. I came away very inspired by Gary to do several things: work harder at what I do, pay attention to the small things, love the people deeply who I'm blessed to be with, let them know I love them, help the people I can help, and to be generous with my time and resources.

Thanks Gary, for taking the time to spend with us, and for sharing your life.

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