Monday, May 2, 2011

Cosmic Battle of Good versus Evil: One Victory!

The nation and indeed the entire world is abuzz today over the death of Osama Bin Ladin at the hands of U.S. Special Forces (Navy Seals) who put a bullet through his brain with a shot to the forehead.  I have posted many times in this blog about the cosmic battle of good versus evil and how the spiritual world and the physical/material world are really not so separate, but are deeply linked and intertwined. 

Just a couple of days ago my sister and I were talking about Gaddafi and Bin Ladin, and I remarked how I was very certain that demonic forces of Satan are protecting these evil men.  Gaddafi had apparently narrowly escaped death (once again) in a bombing run while others close by him died.  I believe to my very core, that events in the spiritual world and in the physical sway back and forth and are influenced to some important degree with our prayers (or lack of them) and our righteousness (or lack of it).  The spiritual affects us collectively, and we collectively in turn affect the spiritual world.  This is a dual-reality that ebbs and flows within every second of our existence, as the dynamics of world events and our individual, personal lives sway like branches in the wind with the actions and reactions within this struggle. 

Today, I am left wondering and pondering what happened to finally break the hold on Bin Laden's protection.  He had escaped destruction so many times by the skin of his teeth, and finally that protection broke down.  One day, on the other side of the veil, we may find the answer to this question, and I believe it will be intriguing, even surprising, to learn the truth of what really happened "behind the scenes" of this world event.

Why am I commenting on this?  To us here at NAPS, our investigations and exploration into life after death is far, far greater than merely "ghost hunting."  We are very conscious of the fact that we are dealing with the deep issues of human life and death: 

What happens when we die?
Does life go on and where do we go?
For that matter, why are we alive in the first place?
And, what is our purpose for living and am I living it?
How do I explain all the bad things that happen, as well as the good things?

There is more going on than what meets the eye, trust me.  All these questions are foremost in our minds as we go about working with people who contact us for answers to "para"normal activity that is taking place around them.  One of our greatest tasks is teaching and educating people that what they consider "paranormal" is actually very normal!  The spiritual world is not so removed from our every day life at all.  It's high time we understand this and begin to live like it.

I am also very pleased that commanders decided to place boots on the ground and go after Bin Laden in a very personal sense, rather than guiding an impersonal bomb on the compound they suspected he was in.  It is particularly satisfying to me, that he came eyeball to eyeball with American soldiers and experienced terror and doom as the last moments of his life played out.  There is a deep sense of justice in that.  I will also be particularly satisfied when photos are released of his dead body with the hole in his forehead.  That is not macabre or sick at all, but gives us all a sense of closure AND of the reality of what is taking place in real life. 

The fact is, that it is life choices and their consequences that results in actual blood and bone, cause-and-effect types of nitty-gritty, rubber-meeting-the-road reality.  We all need a healthy dose of that in our "vision," which has become warped and deluded with illusions, and scrubbed-cleaned news that is designed not to offend or upset anyone.  Blind eyes need to learn to see again.  Really see.  I think all Americans should be forced to see the jumpers jumping out of the world trade center, especially those who think we should never be at war in far off places.  Those people need to get their heads out of the sand and see the truth. 

Life is not a game-boy video or a romance novel.  Our life hangs by a thread and is both threatened and protected by forces whom we often have no idea are seeking to kill and destroy us on the one hand and those who serve and watch over us on the other hand - both human and spiritual.  Our protectors can only do so much, and much of what they can do is based upon what you do!  I challenge you to take more control of what becomes of you, and that begins with becoming awake and aware of what your true condition is and what the world condition is.  Evil forces and evil people exist and want to steal, kill, and destroy.  Awake sleeper, and rub your eyes open to the reality of the world in which we all live!  We are at war on a cosmic level, and the wars on earth - even little conflicts in interpersonal relationships - are evidence of that cosmic war.  Our enemies are three:  our own selfish natures (flesh); a fallen, post-Genesis chapter three world; and a personal enemy, Satan, who heads an evil, dark empire who controls the world.

So yes, today was a victory for the forces of good in the cosmic war of good versus evil.  I have a deep feeling that what took place today was due more to spiritual causes than physical or human ones.  It is one victory, a very important one, but rest assured, the war goes on.  Don your helmets, tighten your belts, raise your shields, lift your swords and keep up the fight!

For more detailed information on the true war and how to wage it, see Ephesians, Chapter 6.


  1. Well said my friend.

  2. Mike this is a wonderful blog!!! I agree wholeheartedly our life is hanging on by a thread and I also more firmly know that this was due to a spiritual cause then not.

    Hopefully people like him and other terrorists with not separate us but bring us together as THE strongest nation on earth!!