Saturday, May 28, 2011

Notice to Team: Meetings Currently Suspended

As most of you know, the Mississippi River flood, as well as some other activities has had most of us super busy and has our lives disrupted.  That is why we have not met for awhile, and probably will not through June.  Some had to move furniture and/or totally move to new locations due to the threat of flooding.  Also, Kim Frith graduated with highest honors from nursing school and is preparing for State Board examination in mid June.  We plan to have our next meeting sometime in July.  Also, we have not received any urgent calls for private investigations during this time.  I think the flooding has us all preoccupied.  All of this does not mean some of us can't go on outings, so let me know if you need or would like to borrow any equipment you don't have.  Dues are also suspended during this time also, so don't fret about any of that.  Those of you who paid for the year, will be extended two months for next year!

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