Monday, November 12, 2012

MEMO to NAPS Members & Associates

NAPS will be holding our monthly meeting on Friday, November 23, the day after Thanksgiving. We will meet at 7:00pm, with the meeting location to be announced later.

Skype will be used for those investigators who are out-of-town and available, such as Lauren. Jamie will be snowed under at work, bless her heart! We will be focused upon training at this meeting – first reviewing our investigative methodology and then training on our In-Depth Questionnaire.

We have 11 current investigators with one more, who has been inactive, who may be rejoining us. The focus is developing and plugging-in Case Handlers, who will make initial contacts (responses to) clients and explore their case to see if a field investigation is warranted. We have several ongoing private cases, and we also have potential local public sites that are very interesting.

Guests and interested parties may attend - but please let us know you plan to come so we can meet at a site to accommodate everyone!

Stay tuned!

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