Wednesday, August 15, 2012

King's Tavern Portrait NOT Madeline

KING'S TAVERN - THE TRUTH: The "famous" Madeline portrait that hangs over the alleged haunted fireplace at King's Tavern is a print of a portrait by Jose Puyet named Evita. He was a modern impressionist painter from Spain, and lived from 1922 until 2004 when he died. You can Google Puyet and learn quite a bit about him.
The mass-produced copy of Evita which hangs at King's Tavern was purchased by previous owner Yvonne Scott in an antique store around the corner on Franklin Street. She stated that she bought it because it resembled what she thought Madeline would have looked like (and that is assuming that a real Madeline even existed, which there is absolutely NO proof she was a real person - much less murdered). Now you know the true story. There is no/was no Madeline...the real female ghost at King's Tavern is most likely a Postlethwaite female - as that family lived in the Tavern - converted to a home - for 147 years, and at least two women died in the house.


  1. I knew that looked familiar. My grandmother has the same portrait above her sofa.

    1. copies can be made of paintings xD

  2. nope i dont believe it

  3. Nope dont believe it at all. I mean they did it all for nothing and yeah it is just painting xP