Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eola Hotel Activity Log


Date:               2/25/2012
Day:                Saturday
Location:        Eola Hotel
Base:              In Room 701 Lounge Area
Time:              Military Time
Notes:             T1, T2, T3 refer to remote temperature stations 1, 2 and 3. These were set out in Room 702, the temp base station is at Base.
Logger:          Kim Frith
Additional:     Some camera activity is also noted on this log.

LOG OF Called-In Activity & Reporting

22:44   Going dark, investigation begins

22:46   Room 702, Ovilus X says “phantom” [From here out OVX stands for Ovilus X]

22:47   T1        70.5
            T2        70.8
            T3        67.8

22:49   Room 702, OVX says “yellow”

2250    T1        70.1
            T2        70.8
            T3        67.8

22:53   Room 702, Jo Ann’s daughter (Suzanne) is touched on the arm at the same time the OVX says “Pretty”. She is sitting in the chair in front of the bathroom door. (See Cam 02)

22:55   Mel 8704 goes flat to 0.0, at the same time Suzanne experiences a cold sensation. See Cam 02. This is the same area that Kathleen Clay felt a cold spot during set up. We did note that there is a central air vent in above the bathroom door that could explain this, although it is a cold night in Natchez and it is highly unlikely that the air conditioning would be on, but more likely the heating system would be on.

22:58   Room 410, Adam reports that when they entered this room to begin, the light to the room was on, which is unusual as it should have been off, as the room is unoccupied. They begin an EVP session and suddenly Michael DeLorenze was pushed. A common sensation    experienced by Hotel staff at the Eola is someone pushes them.

22:59   T1        70.5
            T2        70.8
            T3        67.8

23:04   Room 410, Kimberly D. saw a figure turn the corner at the bed and go toward the door. She describes it as a “dark mass.”

23:07   Room 410, EVP session directed toward mirror in the bathroom. Mel meters suddenly spikes to 4.5 and 4.3, and Michael D. sees a figure behind him.

23:08   Room 410, All investigators watch as a head and full height of an apparition begins to
            “sparkle.” All of them say they are seeing it (Adam Chapman, Michael DeLorenze, Kim

23:09   Room 702, Josh reports the OVX says “Debra.” This is significant because earlier
            investigation in February in this room the OVX repeated that name several times.

23:00   Orb appears on Camera 3, which is Room 701, a room no one is in.

23:11  Room 410, KD reports a white figure walks out of the bathroom. The team goes and gets the FLIR i7 thermal cam to take photos if the apparition continues to manifest.

23:12   T1        70.5
            T2        70.8
            T3        67.8

23:15   Room 410, FLIR i7 photos are being taken because figure manifests again. Investigators see the head and upper part of the body. MD (a sensitive) can see full bodied apparition forming in the bathroom. [See FLIR cam photos)

23:15   At :45 seconds “bubbles” appear on Cam 02

23:19   Room 410, Jo Ann (who has gone to this room to join investigators) feels her hair pulled   while standing and looking in the mirror.

23:20   T1        70.5
            T2        70.8
            T3        68.0

23:21   Room 410, Jo Ann feels crawling sensation on the back of her neck.

23:23   At :40 seconds a multi-directional orb is seen on Cam 03, again Room 701 where no one is.

23:19   Room 701, MPS investigators here a “knocking noise” and loud “grinding noise” by the door in the right corner, at the same time a flashlight goes on and off by itself. They report this occurred 10 minutes ago. They forgot to immediately report it.

23:31   T1        70.5
            T2        70.7
            T3        67.8

23:34   Room 410, Mel meter at the sink and near the same mirror as earlier activity shows
            temperature changing from 72.8 to 73.0 back and forth several times.

23:34   At :59 seconds a significant orb appears on Cam 03.

23:35   Teams are switching locations: MPS from 702, 701 to 410; NAPS from 410 to 702.

23:36   Kim Frith at base getting nauseated (a common sign of paranormal activity).

23:36   At :50 seconds a flash of light on headboard on Camera 3, which is room 701.

23:44   Room 702, AC reports Mel meter spike to 0.5. Baseline has been 0.0 or 0.1 all night.

23:48   Room 702, AC Mel spikes higher to 1.2

23:52   T1        70.3
            T2        70.7
            T3        68.0

00:09   Room 701, MD and AC are in bathroom, light is blocked towards the shower (dark mass)

00:11   Room 701, MD and AC report light dimmed and both got chills, then the light dimmed again

00:18   T1        70.3
            T2        70.5
            T3        67.8

00:20   Orb on Cam 03, which is Room 701

00:23   KF at base heard 3 chimes or dings

00:27   T1        70.3
            T2        70.5
            T3        67.8

00:35   At :00 an orb on Cam 03, Room 701

00:38   KF at base calls for a 20 minute break

00:56   T1        70.7
            T2        70.5    
            T3        68.0

01:08   T1        70.5
            T2        70.5    
            T3        68.0

01:59   Room 702, investigators hear scratching noise on door to the Room

02:02   T1        69.9
            T2        70.1
            T3        67.8

02:10   T1        69.8
            T2        69.9
            T3        67.8

02:18   Investigation called and ended due to significant drop-off in activity.

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